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Process Management

Growing a business is infinitely harder than starting one.

Since you started, things have been growing steadily. Maybe you have more clients than you can handle. That’s a good thing, right? You have a successful business! According to the books, you should be killing it.

But why doesn’t it feel that way? Rather than jumping for joy, you feel like you can barely keep it together.

More clients. A growing sea of tasks, responsibilities and headaches.

Your to-do lists keep getting longer, and so do your workdays. So you bring in more employees to take the pressure off your shoulders.

But bad hires hurt your business. And when you finally find that rockstar employee, you invest your precious time into training... only for them to leave, taking all their knowledge with them.

Micro-managing. Constantly putting out fires. Sacrificing your evenings, weekends, and time spent with your loved ones.

This isn’t why you started your business. This is just exhausting. As you struggle to keep your head above water, complete burnout is on the horizon.

Breathe. It’s time to leave the chaos behind for a better, more organized place.

What if you could reliably scale your business without the added stress?

What if you could create automated workflows to handle all your repeatable tasks?

What if you could easily delegate decision-making to your team, building their trust and reducing your workload?

What if you could contextually bake your expertise right into your workflows (not buried in some 30-page document no one uses)?

Meet DeviseOps.

It's like Zapier for humans. Workflow automation for sustainable growth and happier, more productive teams.

Create your workflow

In seconds, start creating a visual workflow of steps to follow for specific services and procedures.

Collaborate with others

Assign tasks and collaborate with both team members and clients on one, central platform.

Automate your tasks

You now have a visual workflow for any process used within your company. Duplicate and edit these in seconds.


Take the guesswork out of work


The foundations of your company are its processes. From client services through to internal tasks like bookkeeping, your processes should be crystal-clear. They should also adapt to your organization as it grows.

Create step-by-step processes in a matter of seconds. Automatically generate repeatable tasks to save you time. DeviseOps helps your team get back in control of its work and avoid wasting time reinventing the wheel.

Empower your team with automation

As you grow, the way you do things in your company changes. You want a tool that will be able to adapt to these changes. There is no better way to see and tackle inefficiencies than visually designing every aspect of your company.

Map out visual workflows for every scenario in your business. Assign to team members and duplicate and edit in seconds. Empower your team with the knowledge of how to handle almost any situation. With DeviseOps, who is doing what and how becomes a question of the past.


Delight your clients with collaboration

The more clients you have, the harder it is to keep a tab on each one. And this problem only snowballs as your business grows. You need to know what each client needs, and when.

DeviseOps helps you create a centralized space for collaboration with each of your clients. Assign services to specific clients, create tasks for team members, and add comments to ensure that everyone’s on the same page - no matter what.


Your expertise baked straight into your workflows

The documentation that covers your standard operating procedures is invaluable. But is it valued by your employees? Buried deeply in some obscure file, it can be a challenge to find the right, up-to-date information. You can’t blame your team for abandoning your SOPs.

With DeviseOps, your employees get the relevant documentation where they need it — right next to your tasks and workflows. Contextual, easy to follow, only the relevant information needed at any given moment. Update it in seconds.


More employee confidence, less hand-holding

Hiring is hard, but retaining skilled people is even harder. When your team feels confused about what tasks to do and how to do them, that confusion can quickly transform into frustration and low job satisfaction.

Make onboarding effortless with crystal-clear HR best practices and company policies. Delegate specific tasks and workflow to individuals. With built-in documentation, empower your employees to be more independent and free up your time in the process.

Unlimited possibilities, done your way

Done with the task? Let's update that Google Spreadsheet. Process status changed? Notify the team on Slack. These ideas are just a drop in the sea of possibilities.

Integrate with over 1,500 apps via Zapier. All your workflows, connected. All your data, your way.

Trevor Sather

This looks like a fantastic tool for managing productized services. I haven't seen anything quite like it before.

Trevor Sather
Director / Square Eye

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