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Most project management tools don't have standardized services in mind. Each time a client joins, you have to create a project and all the tasks manually. How much time do you spend on that? Where do you store information about services assigned to your clients? And what about services you offer? At the start, how do you onboard your clients, to be sure they will have excellent experience? How about employee onboarding?

Google Docs is great for documents. Not so much when it comes to jumping from PM tool to find a procedure for a task at hand in a 30-page document.

With our Workflow builder, you can visually design processes for your business. Then, each workflow will automatically create recurring or event-based tasks for your team. New client joined? Automatically send on-boarding email sequence. Service assigned? Start working on a task list. And while you do, have standard operating procedures contextually visible to help your team members.

DeviseOps will help you to:

  • Take care of all process in one place
  • Have a master view of the things you do for your client
  • Spend less time on admin tasks
  • Delight your clients with professional outlook
  • Delegate work in a systematic way
  • Automate your operations

Everything a productized services startup needs

Standard Operating Procedures

Define. Iterate. Delegate.


Your offering and snapshot of your business


Create powerful workflows to automate your business

Client Portal

Centralize deliverables and communication with your client.


Master view of the things you do for your clients; automatically generated.


All the information about the clients in one place

"This looks like a fantastic tool for managing productized services. I haven't seen anything quite like it before."
Trevor Sather, Director, Square Eye

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